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AudioSupport established in 2010 by Ioannis (John) Dimopoulos and located primarily in Greece. The objective is to support and consult companies, individuals, music bands, artists etc. with any kind of audio and lighting services and equipment.

John Dimopoulos (born in Athens), fulfilled successfully his secondary education (High School) in 2004. In 2005, he was registered in Audio Engineering department of AKMI Institute (Institute of Vocational Training) where he graduated in 2007 entitled as Audio Engineer. In the same year he was attending the class of Audio Engineering of Preston University (U.S.A.) and one year later he graduated having a Bachelor of Science in Audio Engineering. At the same time he attended the Music Technology class of AKMI Institute and in 2009 he obtained the relevant diploma. In 2009 he passed the exams of Organisation of Vocational Education & Training sponsored by the Ministry of National & Religious Affairs and obtains an Accreditation in Audio Engineering.

At the same time, John attended several professional seminars and got proficient with a vast array of audio software, concepts and cutting-edge technologies: Midas Pro Series (Midas Digital School Operational Training), Prolyte Truss (Podimatas Audio Visual), DigiDesign – Venue console (Athens Pro Audio), Jazz Band Recording, Editing, Mixing (AKMI Institute), Sierra Studio Recording, Editing, Mixing (AKMI Institute, Sierra Studios), Light Jockey – Artistic Lighting (AKMI Institute), Multichannel Mixing (AKMI Institute), High Definition Recording (AKMI Institute), online presentations of audio equipment and online seminars about audio engineering, P.A. systems, sound tests and measurements and acoustic.


Since 2006, John Dimopoulos has worked as a freelancer Audio Engineer in many audio projects including Music Halls, Concert Venues, Culture events, Theatres, Live events, Clubs, TV broadcasts, International Conferences, and has cooperated with big companies in the field of audio engineering in Greece such as Audionics Engineering, Plus Production – RTL – Alpha TV, MTV, Alpha Sound, Papadimas Sound Services, P.C. Podimatas Audio Visual S.A., Entasi etc.

Since December 2012, John Dimopoulos has been relocated to London (U.K.).