John Dimopoulos and AudioSupport have already participated in several audio events including Music Halls, Concert Venues, Theatres, Live Events, Clubs, International Conferences, TV Broadcasts etc. Below you can find photos and details about recent jobs and activities:

Russian Radio Station - Sanson Festival ()


Pirgos, Greece (map)

Technical requirements


Key Value
Audience: 7,000people
Performance Area Open Field, Hotel
Type of Performance: Live Audio-Visual Events
General Audio Equipment: Meyer Mica sound system and 700HP Meyer sub, Meyer Mica delay line, Meyer gallileo 616 processor
Special Audio Equipment: Midas Sienna 48 channel console, Drawner 16 channel compressor, Lexicon 960 effect, T.C electronic M-two
Recording Equipment: N/A
Lighting System: N/A
Visual: N/A
Other: N/A

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