John Dimopoulos and AudioSupport have already participated in several audio events including Music Halls, Concert Venues, Theatres, Live Events, Clubs, International Conferences, TV Broadcasts etc. Below you can find photos and details about recent jobs and activities:

Eleonora Zouganeli - Ipa stous Filous mou ()


Vrachon Theater, Athens, Greece (map)

Technical requirements


Key Value
Audience: 7,000people
Performance Area Theater
Type of Performance: Live music event, Recording
General Audio Equipment: L-ACOUSTICS ARCS system with SB218 sub, Nexo PS15 and HiQ monitor, XTA processor and Lab gruppen amp
Special Audio Equipment: 2x DigiDesign Venue Mix rack
Recording Equipment: N/A
Lighting System: N/A
Visual: N/A
Other: 6 podo support

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