...everything can be done!


John Dimopoulos and AudioSupport will be very glad to offer you professional audio and lighting services for any kind of event.

  • Music Halls
  • Concert Venues
  • Culture Events
  • Theatres
  • Live Events
  • Clubs
  • DJ Private Parties for Companies and Individuals
  • Karaoke Parties
  • TV Broadcasts
  • International Conferences

Please fill comfortable to contact us asking for details and we will design in common your event, according to your audio needs with the best suited equipment.


  • Determine objectives and constraints (Safety, Security, Power Supply Plan etc.)
  • Establish event’s requirements
  • Assess the acoustics of the performance area
  • Feasibility study
  • Select, position, assemble, adjust and operate the necessary equipment used for amplification and recording
  • Detect sound-quality deviations, malfunctions or interferences, anticipate and correct potential problems
  • Disassembly and withdrawal plan
  • Equipment: Rental, carriage klp

Technical knowledge

  • Assess the acoustics of the performance area
  • Select, position, adjust and operate the equipment used for amplification and recording; keep logs of recordings; shut down and withdraw properly the equipment after event completion
  • Sound Recording and Amplification Principles to achieve the determined artistic objectives
  • Set up, test, and adjust recording equipment for recording sessions and live performances
  • Monitor audio signals
  • Equalization
  • Anticipate and correct potential problems
  • Multichannel recording and post production activities
  • Audio Equipment and Musical Instruments Service & Repair
  • Lighting & Effects